Leonid Mirny

Professor of Institute for Medical Engineering and Science and Physics
Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave. E25-526C
Cambridge, MA 02139

Email: leonid@mit.edu
Voice: (617) 452-4862
Fax: (617) 253-7498

Admin. Asst.: Crystal Quintanilla
Email: crystalq@mit.edu
Voice: (617) 258-9225

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Our group

The challenge of understanding biological systems from first physical principles is what motivates our research. Biological systems are characterized by remarkable structural complexity at all levels of organization. However, we believe that simple physical models are valuable for describing these systems.

Our laboratory develops multidisciplinary approaches involving:

A key feature of our approach are the direct collaborations we have with other scientists in the area.
A number of graduate students in the lab are co-advised by an experimentalist. Nearly every student in the lab works directly with our experimental collaborators, contributing both to experimental design, data analysis, and modeling.